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VP Parade, Saturday, 7/1

(Cross-posted to stl_ren_faire, gslrf, and mojonacho.)

We've been invited to participate in the VP Parade this Saturday morning in downtown St. Louis. This is a letter from Tammy, our Volunteer Coordinator.

Hello, everyone. I hope you're all enjoying the summer, and that you're keeping up with plans for PirateFest on the new message board, and with other RSL and GSLRF promos on our Ren Faire message board.

The VP Parade is this Saturday, July 1. At the moment, we've had only a handful of positive responses. If all 15 show up, it will still be the poorest showing we've had at a parade in a long, long time. I'm hoping that some people are intending to come and just haven't had the chance to let me know. It's really an honor to be invited to attend this event. I know it's going to be warm, and I'm trying to prepare. Anyone out there not got plans yet? Can you garb a couple friends and bring them along?

Our unit's assembly number is 59.

"Please plan on arriving between 7:00 am and 8:30 am on July 1 at the Floatilla assembly control point on Tucker Boulevard and Washington Ave. All units must be in place on Washington Ave and be prepared to begin moving from the assembly point at 9:00 am. The Parade will start promptly at 10:00 am.

You may on enter the Floatilla assembly area at Washington and Tucker (12th Street). Our assembly position will be marked on the street on Washington AVe. with our unit number. Parade officials assigned to the Floatilla assembly area can assist you in finding your assembly position.

Parking is available in the A.G. Edwards lot, Southwest corner of Jefferson and Market. A Traffic Committee member (yellow shirt) will be at the lot. Proceed to the shuttle bus stop at Jefferson and Market, to transport you to the Shuttle Bus Drop-Off Stop on Washington at Broadway.

Participants must reach the assembly area no later than 9:00 am. (I'm guessing this means this will be the last shuttle available -- TD)

Also, no passing out flyers, candy, ANYTHING. Just smile, wave, and walk.

NOW -- I really need to get an idea if we have enough people coming to make this work. Parade in the morning, Stacy's pool party later?

Please reply if you can attend. NO REGRETS, please.

Thanks so much, everyone!

We need help with this one, folks. We'd like to make a great showing, just as we've done with every parade we've entered. Make us proud, once again.

-Jason R
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