akasha2004 (akasha2004) wrote in gslrf,

just wondering if anyone got some pictures this year of Bonnie Lass while she was the faire?

I was hoping that someone might have gotten some nice pics of Bonnie Lass from the Shantyman and Bonnie Lass pirate show this year. I wanted a nice full length or near full length picture of her because I want to try what she is doing with holding two layer of a skirt up and showing the bloomers underneath and I need somthing visual to help me with getting ideas on how to do that. I have some pictures from this year myself. But the thing is I don't really know where a lot of them are..and truth me told some of the pictures this year got a bit over expused so they might not be even all that good. But if anyone can help me out it would be much apricated
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