kyraanne (kyraanne) wrote in gslrf,

Mid Winter's Ball -- Food Needed

Ok, so I know you've all seen the posts about the Mid Winter's Ball. I'm not going to re-post, but I am going to refresh you on the details...

Date: 1/14/06
Time: 7pm-11pm
Location: Progress Park, Wentzville

Tickets are $10 per person... BUT Wait!! By bringing a food or raffle item you can get $2 off!! That's a 20% savings!!!

Now I think I know my rennies, and what's a party without food?!?!?! Behind the cut below you will find the current list, as extensive as it is, please comment or post on the message board to let Erik and I know what you are bringing. I'm looking for sweets, appetizers, snacks, or whatever you want to bring. We're not standing on formality here!!

Dennis (Tax Collector) -- Mushrooms
Seamus MacGregor and family -- Brownies
Amanda -- Maybe Chicken Noodle Soup

Someone told me they were bringing cookies, but I didn't write it down and now can't remember!!

I hope to hear from more of you about what you are brining and then see you there!!
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